Guide For Churches

Animal Protection Ministries: A Guide for Churches
Developed by the HSUS


Liturgies & Resources for the Loss of Companion Animals

New! From the Episcopal Church General Convention 2012:
Rites and Prayers for the Care of Beloved Animals

Liturgy for the loss of a pet or other animal from the Diocese of New Hampshire

Liturgy for the Burial of a Pet from King of Peace

Animal Blessings

An Animal Blessing Service

Service for Animal Welfare (RSPCA)

Animal Blessing in Spanish/Espaņol

HSUS Church Resources: "St. Francis Day in a Box"

Animal Liturgies/Prayer Books For Sale

Prayers for Animals by Carol J. Adams

Animal Rites by Andrew Linzey

Other Liturgies

Reflections on the Stations of the Cross

Downloadable Literature:

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Animal Related Resolutions of the Episcopal Church

Printable Animal Ministry Resource Sheet

Financial Aid Resources for Pet Care

ENAW Informational Flyers & Brochures

ENAW Tri-Fold Brochure

ENAW Bi-Fold Brochure

ENAW Flyer

For Children

ENAW Children's Educational Poster

Anglicans on Animal Welfare:

Resolutions & Statements of our Church

Prayers for Beloved Animals

Animal Related Resolutions of the Episcopal Church

D016 (2003): The Protection of Animals from Cruel Treatment

D015 (2009): Humane & Merciful Treatment of All God's Creatures

C078 (2009): Resolution to Develop Liturgy For Loss of Companion Animal

Organizations & Ministries by Anglicans

Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals


Church of the Advent Animal Food Bank in Louisville

Vegetarian for Lent: Promoting a Veggie Diet for Lent

Trinity Episcopal's Animal Food Bank in Bethlehem, PA

Dreamtime Animal Sanctuary (run by an Episcopal Chaplain)

Reflections on Animals Rights by the Rev. D.R. Dinovo


The Rt. Rev. James Jones, Bishop of Liverpool at the Service for Animal Welfare,
1st October 2005

Reflections & Sermons by Weston Cook, Jr., TSSF

Sermon by Wanda Nash, Episcopal Laywoman

Animal Related Sermons by the Rev. D. Rebecca Dinovo

Other Publications, Books, & Products

ENAW Products

Humane Giving Guide

All God's Creatures: The Blessing of Animal Companions by Debra Farrington

"Eternal Treblinka" by Dr. Charles Patterson

Books by the Rev. Dr. Andrew Linzey

"The Witness" Article: The Church & The Animal Movement

Vegetarian Literature

Christianity & Vegetarianism

What Would Jesus Eat Today?

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