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Animal Blessing Services

Members are invited to help organize annual "Blessing of the Animals" services with their clergy at their local parishes, ordinarily held on the Sunday closest to St. Francis of Assisi's Feast Day (Oct. 4). Liturgies for this service are available on our site on the Resources page and at:
Animal Blessing Service

Animal Blessing in Spanish/Espaņol

Suggested activities for the Blessing include hosting local animal organizations at your church or pet adoptions in conjunction with the Blessing and having animal friendly literature and ENAW brochures available to give participants.


To help get the word out about ENAW, display our banner on your site by copying it and linking it to http://enaw.org

Or copy & paste the following code into your site:
<a href="http://enaw.org"><img src="http://www.franciscan-anglican.com/enaw/enawbanner.jpg"></a>

Convention Tabling & Advocacy

ENAW was at General Convention 2006, 2009 & 2012.

Members are always encouraged to sponsor a display booth annually at their Diocesan Conventions with animal friendly literature and materials about ENAW to educate the wider church about our responsibility to care for all God's creatures. We have a professional display that can be mailed to you made by one of our members.

Suggested Resources for you to print and copy to display at your booth:

Animal Related Resolutions of the Episcopal Church
ENAW Tri-fold Brochure
ENAW Bi-fold Brochure
ENAW Flyer
Animal Ministries Sheet
Financial Aid for Pet Care Sheet
Memorial Service for Animals
Animal Blessing Service
Memorial Services for Dogs, Bird, Cats
Religious Proclamation for Animal Compassion

Proclamation for Animal Compassion

Religious Proclamation for Animal Compassion
An historic document co-authored by interfaith leaders
including several ENAW members. Members are encouraged to put this link up on their websites and forward it to others.

The Orange Ribbon Campaign

Wear Orange!

Read the Press Release

Orange is a color that signals non-violence and peace. Orange is worn by Buddhist monks to symbolize their vow of harmlessnes (ahimsa). It is also worn to protect one from danger and harm. City workers wear orange helmets and vests to be easily seen; hunters wear orange to protect them from being accidentally shot by fellow hunters. Orange signals the message of safety and protection.

Likewise, the Orange Ribbon Campaign invites us to stand in solidarity with "the least of these" to call for an end to violence against all God's creatures in the striving after God's Peaceable Kingdom on earth.

The statement below was created by an animal support group who met in Florence, MA in November 2005. One of the members of that group, Audrey Haschemeyer, and fellow ENAW member, introduced the concept to ENAW for our endorsement.


The Orange Ribbon Campaign asks us to extend the Orange Color of Protection to all animal beings. It asks us to make known our love and caring for the entire animal world subjected to exploitation and slaughter by humans.

You can join compassionate people everywhere by endorsing the Orange Ribbon Campaign. Orange is the color worn to increase visibility and protect against harm. By wearing an orange ribbon you pledge yourself to confront the reality of human violence against animals and to inform yourself and others of the ways to end it.

Let us pledge to work toward a time when animal lives are respected for their own value, and not for their usefulness to people. Let us pledge to work through education and by example that health, happiness, and fullness of life can be enjoyed without using animals for food, clothing, experimentation, sport or entertainment.

As a sign of commitment to this goal of compassion toward all animals, let us wear an Orange Ribbon.

Preventing Farm Animal Cruelty

ENAW teamed with the Humane Society of the United States to advocate for the Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act in California. Thankfully this Proposition passed by a vast majority, demonstrating the public's desire for humane treatment of farm animals. The bulletin insert we created for churches to use is below.

The Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Insert

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