ENAW urges prayer and donations for the people and animals of Japan. Donations for animal relief can be sent here.
March 2011

ENAW member, Lois Wye, works with the HSUS to develop an excellent new resource: Animal Protection Ministries: A Guide for Churches
available for download now. Features Trinity Episcopal Church, Bethlehem PA.
November 2010

ENAW PRAYER for wildlife affected by the Gulf Coast Disaster:
Creator God, look with compassion and mercy on your many creatures impacted by the tragic oil spill in the Gulf Coast. We are sorry and we repent of our human sins of selfishness, apathy, and greed that have contributed to this disaster. We pray for the restoration of the wildlife and their habitats and for an outpouring of concern to assist and protect your creatures. Ease their suffering and gather them up under Your loving wings, in Christ's name we pray. Amen.
May 2010

ENAW member, the Rev. Marcia Sessions, essay published on NRDC site:
"Why I Care About Wildlife and Wild Places"
May 2010

Compilation of the Animal Related Resolutions of the Episcopal Church now available from ENAW
Animal Related Resolutions of the Episcopal Church
September 2009

The Episcopal Church passes Resolutions C078 and Resolution D015!
The Church has stated that the most vulnerable of God's creatures deserve humane and merciful treatment and are going to be developing liturgical resources for the loss of a companion animal.
Full text and Summary of ENAW at GC 2009
July 2009

Two Important Animal Resolutions For Vote at General Convention 2009
D015: Humane & Merciful Treatment of All God's Creatures
Resolution D015
C076 Prayers For the Life and Loss of a Companion Animal
Resolution C076
June 2009

Trinity Episcopal Church's Animal Food Bank is featured in the media:
When Needy Families Include Pets Too
April 2009

Proposition 2, the Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act passes in California: churches and clergy support the Proposition throughout the State.
Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Bulletin Insert
November 2008

ENAW to be at the 2009 General Convention in Anaheim, California
July 2008

ENAW Co-Founder, Sue Grisham, to speak at the
Animal Rights Convention 2008
Washington, August 14-18 2008

ENAW joins with the Humane Society of the United States to advocate for the Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act in California. Bulletin inserts for your church here:
Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty
July 2008

ENAW thanks the Presiding Bishop for her Easter Sermon calling us to care for all Creation
April 2008

Religious Proclamation for Animal Compassion unveiled, co-authors include ENAW members and interfaith leaders
December 2007

When A Pet Dies, article on Episcopal Cafe
November 2007

October 7th is Animal Welfare Sunday. See our Resource page to plan your Animal Blessing service!
August 2007

Best Friends Gathers Faith Leaders
for Animals & Religion Conference

July 2007

National Geographic Article on Pets in Worship (features ENAW)
October 2006

ENAW to be at General Convetion 2006
April 2006

Launching of the Orange Ribbon Campaign
January 1, 2006

Christian Concern for All God's Creatures Conference 2006
November 2005

Church of the Epiphany Raises Money for Animals of Katrina
October 2005

SCOBA Endorses Statement "God's Earth is Sacred"
July 2005

Article about ENAW in Episcopal News Service
May 2005

Every Voice Network features ENAW
September, 2004

The Press Release
September, 2004

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