Animal Friendly
Giving Guide

Durig the holidays or at anytime, many of us consider giving donations (often in honor of our loved ones) to various charitable organizations. It is unfortunate that many organizations advertently or inadvertently perpetuate the exploitation of animals and the environment through the exportation of live animals or through the sale of animals and/or animal related goods and animal flesh. ENAW invites people of faith to think holistically about creation and the fallout of these "gifts" before donating.

For an explanation why Heifer Project International and other "give an animal" projects raise serious ethical, environmental, and sustainability concerns, please see:
Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals Article:
"The Reality of Send-An-Animal Schemes

UFETA Article:
"What's Wrong with the Heifer Project?"

The following is a list of animal friendly organizations that help people without hurting and exploiting animals (because it is possible to do both!):

Food for Life
Plant based world hunger and disaster relief

Trees for Life
Plants fruit trees in developing countries to feed those in need through renewable resources

Global Giving Guide
A guide to over 450 pre-screened grassroots charities

The Temwani Children's Foundation
Erradicate extreme poverty for orphaned children in Africa

Sustainable Harvest:
Helps farmers reverse rainforest destruction with sustainable land-use practices that allow them to take control of their environmental and economic destinies

Plenty International
Promotes sustainable agriculture to feed the hungry through small-scale village-based soy bean production

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