Animal Friendly Congregrations

There is a growing need for the designation of churches as "Animal Friendly" both to increase awareness of animal welfare issues at the local level and to provide a resource for those who are seeking to join churches which are "animal friendly" and are open to their unique concerns and ministries.

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Directory of Animal Friendly Congregations

Congregations who would like to apply for status as an "Animal Friendly Congregation" and be listed in our Directory must have the approval of the Senior Clergy Person and agree to do the following:

  1. Support and uphold members engaged in animal welfare ministries
  2. Hold an "Animal Blessing" service annually
  3. Provide pastoral care and prayer for members grieving the loss or illness of a pet
  4. Serve vegetarian fare during Lent and provide vegetarian options at community meals
  5. Agree not to hold fundraisers that center upon the killing of animals
    (pig roasts, sport hunting, lobster boils, etc.)

    To join please fill out this form:

    Congregation Name:

    We would like to be designated as an
    Animal Friendly Congregation

    Contact Person:

    Senior Clergy Person:

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    Please add any questions or comments you have below:

    Thank you!

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